to help you sleep at night


Sleep is very important for our body it enables the body to repair and be fit and ready for another day. For kids, 9 hours of sleep are needed by their while for adults, seven hours were already enough.

Sleep at night can affect your next for the next morning. Lack of sleep can cause you insomnia or high blood pressure. However, there are still a few people out there who are having trouble sleeping.

Here are a few suggestions for foods that can help you to sleep well at night.

Warm Milk

to help you sleep at night

Warm milk contains two nutrients which are known as tryptophan and serotonin. These two nutrients can help to induce and help you to sleep at night.

Warm milk can help you to relax and lastly, you will feel like want to get the bed.

Chamomile Tea

to help you sleep at night

Chamomile tea is very popular amongst folks in this world especially in China, Japan and Korea because it has a lot of benefits to our body.

Chamomile tea can act as an antioxidant agent to our body which is can decrease the inflammation, and indirectly can avoid chronic diseases.

In addition, this tea also able to boast body immune, reduce anxiety, depression and can help you to sleep better at night.


to help you sleep at night

Kiwi is a very popular fruit to be eaten as snacks. A lot of parents are likely choosing kiwi as their family breakfast’s meal.

Kiwi is low calories contains enough amount of folate and potassium. Eating kiwi can help your digestive system besides to lower the risk of chronic disease.

Moreover, eating kiwi before sleeping can help you to sleep at night very well.

White Rice

White rice is the main food of a meal in almost countries in this world such as in Asia. White rice contains carbs, a few vitamins and minerals.

Furthermore, white rice also contains glycemic which can help you to sleep at night.

In a study stated, by consuming white rice the duration of sleeping can be increased and for better sleep.

In conclusion, as an Insomnia sufferer, you are been suggested to consume all the types of foods mentioned above to help you to sleep at night. However, for the foods that contain a lot of carbs, it is not too good for our body if it been taken in a large portion.

So, please take good care of your body to avoid unwanted diseases.

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