Officially formed in the year 2017, AITO ArtClean Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Claq Ventures) has started Pest Control and Cleaning services 4 years earlier since 2013. Most people call us expert in the industry.

We offer strength and expertise of our cleaning solutions by our branding ‘The ArtClean’. Backed up by this experience, we have grow, and we can confidently promise unparalleled solutions to meet our customer’s specific requirements, from Industrial Cleaning, Pest Control, Confined Space Cleaning, and supply hygiene & Safety products.

At ArtClean, we take great pride in the quality and dedication of our work and take steps to ensure that we exceed our client’s expectations. Allow ArtClean to serve you the highest standards of specialized cleaning which we pride ourselves with.


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Sangat berpuas hati dengan perkhidmatan anda. semoga berjaya!
Mohd Yunos Ariffin
Overhaul Cleaning
Professional Pest Control. They guide me from A- Z. They give free consultation which was really amazing!
Muhammad Asfia'
Pest Control
The best service cleaning in Malaysia ❤ recommended to everyone. Really hardworking!
Liyana Sabri
I did a kitchen extraction deep cleaning for my restaurant. Unbelievable, the grease was gone. The kitchen looks new including the vents and chimney! Recommended to everyone. Trust ArtClean
Alvin Tan
Deep Clean
Always satisfied with their service. Usually deal with them, at least once in 2 months. My home always free from dust!
Iela Renee
Regular Customer
Had arranged for a move in cleaning and am very pleased with the work done by the cleaning crew. They were punctual, polite and thorough in their work. The admin team also deserves mention for being prompt and efficient in their responses. Thank you and keep up the good work!
Cathy Thong
Kerja yang sgt bagus.. kalau buat sendiri mmg tak habis dalam 1hari.. tp dengan bantuan ArtClean 1hari je dah settle.. mmg puas hati, skrg masuk rumah dengan senang hati je tanpa perlu kutip/terlanggar brg2 lagi.
Noor Zakiah
Move -In
Terima kasih.. Teamwork yang baik. Sangat sangaatttt berpuas hati. Dari warehouse jadi HOME. Alhamdulillah sangat berpuas hati dengan spring cleaning AITO ArtClean. Berbaloi dan recommended. Time management yang bagus. Punctual datang, rehat dan masuk balik.
Az Zila
Spring Cleaning


Our team are BICSc certified (British Institute Cleaning Science UK). They were trained and assessed by qualified BICSc (British Institute of Cleaning Science UK) trainers.

Our pest control technician are certified

Our crew are competent

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JANGAN PIJAK LIPAS ATAU PUKUL DENGAN TANGAN! Bila anda melihat lipas di kediaman atau dimana-mana, jangan memukulnya sampai mati dengan tangan kosong atau tapak kaki kerana isi perut lipas sangat bahaya. Ini kerana, di dalam perut lipas terdapat cacing halus/lembut yang akan hidup walaupun diluar tubuh lipas. Bila cacing ini sudah berada di luar dari

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Pest Control Near Me

8 Reasons Why You Need a Monthly Pest Control Service

The Pest Control Association of Malaysia (MPMA) offers some truly startling statistics, and the numbers help the industry’s aggressive expansion make much more sense. For instance, did you know that approximately one-fifth of all worldwide foods gets consumed or spoiled by rodents? What about the fact that 130,101 cases of dengue (over a 60% increase from 2018) &

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pest control services

Pest Control Services: Commercial Pest Control for Warehouse

Commercial Pest Control for Warehouse When you have a large commercial warehouse, you may be wondering what the best option is to get rid of pests from your warehouse. There are two major options that are available, and both have their pros and cons. You can use one of the commercial pest control services that

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When Should You Clean Your Storage Tank?

1. Internal Inspections – When it is time for an internal inspection, your tank must be taken out of service, cleaned and prepared for an inspector to enter the storage tank. 2. Changing Products – If you plan to store a different product in your tank, a full tank cleaning might be necessary. If you are switching

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Phobia of mouse

Can Musophobia go away?

Most people have never heard of musophobia, but it could be something that affects you on a daily basis. Before you can determine whether or not you have musophobia, you must first understand what it is. What is Musophobia? Mice and Rodents Overcoming your fear of Musophobia Getting Rid of Rodents and Mice What is

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Pest Control

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

ArtClean Pest Control service as a professional pest controller will ensure to support your compliance to the HACCP requirements and mitigate pest risks that may harm your business especially in the food and production industry. We also provide detailed inspection reports before the process begin which can be used for audit purposes. 1. Conduct a

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