What if pest control has never been invented?

It’s difficult to brain life without sophisticated pest management in the world of today.

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What happen if you ignore Pest Problem?

What would happen if common pests like termites and cockroaches were permitted to breeding unchecked, feast on our houses, and destroy our food gardens? How horrible would it be if bedbugs were our nightly cuddling partners? Here’s an example of what life might be like in a world without pest control.

Here’s an example of what life might be like in a world without pest control.

More people would get sick. Bubonic plague, also known as the Plague of Justinian, killed millions of people during the sixth century. The spread of this disease is blamed on rats, but technically it was spread by bites from fleas who fed on infected rats. Whether you want to blame the plague on rats or on fleas, both problems are managed through routine pest control.

• Typhus is another scary disease carried by pests. You can blame fleas and lice for this one. Untreated, up to 60% of people who contract typhus will die.

• Without pest control, there would be more hunger across the world. Crop yields would be smaller, and less food would be available for export.

• Can you imagine having to live with thousands of roaches spreading bacteria and feces all over your home because you didn’t have any way to eliminate them?

Disease cause by lack of pest control

  • Rat-bite Fever, Salmonella, trichinosis, murine typhus, plague and Leptospirosis (rats)
  • Chlamydia trachomatis, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Campylobacter jejuni, and Aeromonas (cockroaches)
  • Malaria, arboviruses, enteric diseases, Sleeping Sickness, and Chagas’ Disease (mosquitoes, flies, and Kissing Bugs)

Protect Your Property Value from Termites

• With no termite control, your home’s structural integrity is never safe.

Pests are a Constant Threat

When people ask how much is pest control service, we here at ArtClean know that they’re thinking of pest problems as momentary speed bumps (so to speak), short-term issue that will only cost them money. Consider this, though: Pests truly are a constant, year-long threat. Sure, some critters only make their present known during certain seasons, but there’s usually another irritant ready to take their place. Some pests can even become a more-or-less permanent presence in your property if allowed to establish themselves. Think about bed bugs. If you’ve ever had to deal with them, you know that bed bug pest control service seems like a bargain compared to their constant threat.

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ArtClean Sdn Bhd Pest Control Home & Commercial Services Has You Covered

ArtClean Home & Commercial Services has been ridding Klang Valley homes and businesses of troublesome insects and other pests for 5 years. We provide both interior and exterior coverage as well as plans that fit your budget. If you have a problem between scheduled visits, just give us a call, and we’ll send a specialist to assess your needs and provide additional treatment. You don’t have to experience the horrors of bugs gone wild. To keep your world free of pests, contact us to schedule service today.

For many businesses, eliminating pests isn’t just a matter of pleasing customers or retaining employees or improving the establishment’s reputation. It’s a matter of obeying the law. The government sets certain regulations for different kinds of businesses such as The Pesticides Act 1974. Failing to meet these stipulations can cause you to incur fines — or even a jail time

Rather than wondering is monthly pest control worth it or trying to manage a nasty problem on your own, call or contact AITO ArtClean Pest Control Service  at  014-334 0100. We have more than a century’s worth of experience in dealing with pests throughout the Klang Valley.

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