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Confined Space Cleaning, we’ll be focusing on detail cleaning of a confined space such as water tank, silos, vats, pits, containers, shafts, tunnels, trenches, drains, flues, chimneys, ducts, and also roof space. Our professionals who specialize in this confined space danger and hazards will thoroughly clean all the residue on and  mud from the container and making sure the confined space  is safe to used and preventing blockage. Nobody does Confined Space Cleaning better, safer and more efficient than ArtClean Sdn Bhd. We use the most effective way to clean the deepest surfaces and hidden sections from top to bottom. 

Quality Top to Bottom

Above ground, below ground, large or small; we can handle it. Our crews are comprised of highly-trained field technician who have spent years working in and around confined spaces.

Experienced Workers

Teamed up with our high powered wet/dry vacuum trucks, our technicians can quickly enter your vessel and safely remove even large volumes of liquids, solids, and everything in between.

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Confined space Cleaning with ArtClean

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