Hazardous Waste Management Webinar 2021 – An Advanced Overview

Hazardous Waste Management Webinar 2021

Speakers from Ex Department of Environment and a competent person for schedule waste (CePSWaM/183934) will share the updates on current mismanagement issue and the latest best practices for hazardous waste management.

Register by September 26, 2021 (9:00 am).

Date:September 26, 2021
Time:10:00 AM – 01:00 PM
Venue:AITO Artclean Sdn Bhd – Google Meet

Hazardous waste is the most difficult waste to be managed due to the dangerous elements not only for the environment but also for public health. The major problems affecting industrial waste management are unscientific treatment, improper collection of waste and ethical issues.

Join AITO ArtClean Hazardous Waste Management Webinar 2021 In Conjunction with The World Rivers Day for the following benefits:

  • Enhance your understanding on the current issue of hazardous waste mismanagement in Malaysia
  • Improve your competency on the latest regulation and best practices in Malaysia.

10:00-10:30Introduction with panel speakerMr. Norimin Muhamad
Ex-DOE Officer & HSE Consultant with 17 years experienced in Industrial Environment and Safety B.Eng (Hons) Mechanical, UKM Bangi.

· Certified Trainer (TTT) – Pembangunan Sumber Manusia (PSMB/HRDF), EMP/1835
· Certified Trainer (TTT) – National Institute of Occ. Safety & Health Malaysia (NIOSH), BTT 2590-P
· Competent Person Scheduled Waste – CePSWaM/183934
· Facilitator for DOE Competency Course – Course for Certified Environmental Professional in Scheduled Waste Management (CePSWaM)  
10:30 -11:30Mismanagement and Issue of Hazardous Wastes in Malaysia
11:30 -11:45Break
11:45 – 12:45 Hazardous Wastes Management Best Practices
12:45 – 1:00Q & A Session


  • Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors and General Managers
  • Environmental / Factory / Plant / Production Managers and Executives, Engineers and Consultants
  • Logistic Department in various sector who in charge of hazardous waste schedule and transportation


 Fee per pax SST Total

– Participation will receive an official certificate.

– Goodies bag will be received depending on stock availability.

– 50 Seat allocated with 30 seats left.

– Replacement participant is accepted at no extra charges.

To register, click: Webinar Form


Contact : Ms. Zaty / Mr. Zikri

Email    : [email protected] / [email protected]

Tel        : 011-5550 0898 / 016-640 9910 (24 hrs)



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