5 Internet Safety for Your Children

internet safety for children

5 Internet Safety for Your Children

With the use of modern technology in our daily life today, education system is slowly adapting children to the use of internet for their learning process.

As it is the easiest and fastest application for educational sources. Students now would not have to spend hours to find the book that matches their home work at the library.

However, letting your children browse around the internet without any guidance may lead to internet abuse. Hence, what can parents do to prevent this from happening?

1. You are in charge

Remember, that you are in charge of your children’s activity. You may consider in creating boundaries.

Setting up parents’ controls on devices may help you track your children’s browsing history.

2. Advice your children about the internet world

Discuss with your child about what they are doing on the internet. Know their interests and consider co-viewing them from time to time.

Making sure what your child favourite websites on the internet is would be beneficial for you to track them.

Besides, parents should advice their children which website is appropriate for them and what is not.

3. Know your privacy

Telling your child to keep personal information privately is really important.

You full name, address, phone number, passwords, your plans and birthday are the information that need to be kept personally in order to avoid being tracked by strangers or stalkers.

4. Aware of age restrictions

There are certain sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube that are limited to certain users especially because of the age restrictions due to keeping young people safe.

Therefore, parents should not allow their child to register on these websites. Although, there is a lot of individuals below the age restrictions signed up for these websites, it is still inappropriate to do so. And parents need to start monitoring this activity.

5. Balance your children’s time

Balancing their time on the internet and offline time are really important in terms of physical and mental health. Asking them to take a break can be really helpful. Hence, there is no arbitrary answer on how many hours should your children take a break and what’s not.

Parents should educate themselves of how monitoring internet safety can help your children.

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