When Should You Clean Your Storage Tank?

  • 1. Internal Inspections – When it is time for an internal inspection, your tank must be taken out of service, cleaned and prepared for an inspector to enter the storage tank.

  • 2. Changing Products – If you plan to store a different product in your tank, a full tank cleaning might be necessary. If you are switching from an unrefined product to a refined product,  like from crude oil to gasoline, you would need to remove all residue and impurities.

  • 3. Tank Issues – If your tank has a mechanical failure, you likely won’t be able to repair it in service. Depending on the problem, you would need to empty your tank, clean it and make it vapor free before you are able to make the necessary repairs. Typically, the ultimate goal of a tank cleaning is to provide a safe environment for whoever is entering the storage tank after you, whether it is an inspector or a mechanical repair company.

Storage Tank Cleaning Procedure

Step 1: Preparation for Permit to Work.
Step 2: Isolation – Isolation work area & confined space.
Step 3: Initial Cleaning- Draining/ Purging.
Step 4: Initial Ventilation Removed unwanted gases, heat generated, dust, and
smells from the space.
:Provide fresh air for the entrants.
Step 5: Pre-entry Testing.
:Test air at the top, middle and bottom, and in remote areas.
Step 6: Continuous Ventilation.
: Air from forced ventilation shall be from a clean source,
free from contaminants.
Step 7: Preparation of PPE &Work Equipment.
:All authorized entrants must use the standard protection (PPE)
Step 8: Issuance of Permit to Work
Maximum duration of PTW is 8 hours, may be extended for
a maximum of 4 hours (provided all the terms & conditions
remain the same)
Step 9: Entry and Work.
: Start work only after the permit is approved by ES & PI.
Step 10: Work Completed

Professional Confined Space Service

Due to the amount of steps in the tank cleaning process, many issues can arise throughout the cleaning. Because of this, it is imperative that there is a specific decommissioning plan created for each site as well as a contingency plan if an issue does occur.

ArtClean’s tank cleanings practice standard practice and are highly regulated by local agencies such as DOSH and CIDB. Routine tank cleanings can be an hard and long process; however, ArtClean is extremely professional and not only provide preventative maintenance but insurance for both the site owner and the land surrounding the tanks.

So call us for a quote on 014- 334 0100 and speak to a local expert who will be able help you. Click here for more detail about Confined Space Cleaning:



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