8 Reasons Why You Need a Monthly Pest Control Service

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The Pest Control Association of Malaysia (MPMA) offers some truly startling statistics, and the numbers help the industry’s aggressive expansion make much more sense. For instance, did you know that approximately one-fifth of all worldwide foods gets consumed or spoiled by rodents?

What about the fact that 130,101 cases of dengue (over a 60% increase from 2018) & 182 deaths in 2019 including my own beloved cousin. Or what about how termites cause a whopping RM 20 million in property damage each and every year?

Controlling pests is important for both businesses and residences. Below you’ll find eight reasons why you should have a monthly pest control service.

Pest Infestations Can Affect Your Health

Everyone knows that pests are dirty, but were you aware that they can cause serious illness, including some that can cost you your life or leave you with lingering consequences. The diseases and bacteria they spread are:

  • Rat-bite Fever, Salmonella, trichinosis, murine typhus, plague and Leptospirosis (rats)
  • Chlamydia trachomatis, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Campylobacter jejuni, and Aeromonas (cockroaches)
  • Malaria, arboviruses, enteric diseases, Sleeping Sickness, and Chagas’ Disease (mosquitoes, flies, and Kissing Bugs)

Protect Your Property Value

No one wants to live or work in a property that reeks of roaches or stinks of rat droppings. But fewer are aware that neglecting indoor pest control service or commercial pest control service can lead to permanent damage to your property. How? Rodents can do plenty of damage by chewing through baseboards, walls, insulation, wiring, shingles, and gutters in search of a new home. Letting cockroaches multiply unchecked may cause a structure to fill with their moldy-smelling stink, which can remain long after you’ve eliminated the insects. And that’s just the start of it. Asking how much does pest control cost for roaches or how much does an exterminator cost for mice when they’re doing long-lasting harm to your property is the definition of penny wise.

Customer Retention and Satisfaction

If you were a retail customer, how would you react if you saw a rat scurry across an aisle while you were shopping? Pretty poorly, we’d imagine. Now consider what would happen if the same rat zipped by your feet while you were at a restaurant — or while visiting a loved one in the hospital. That simply means business owners and managers need to exercise greater vigilance. If they don’t, customers will simply go elsewhere.

Fewer Bad Reviews and Improved Reputation

The rise of the internet, smart phones, and crowdsourcing has made customer impressions incredibly important. Remember in SS15, Subang where this unpleasant rodent attempt to reach customer in one of the Mamak Restaurant. The result? News articles, YouTube videos, and even online petitions have them closed down, creating tons of bad publicity. And you know what? The same thing can happen to your business.

Employee Morale

Would you want to work in a bug-infested building or an office that’s swarming with rats? Of course not, but too many businesses ignore pest issues until they become a serious problem. Yet even if a business’ customers aren’t aware of the extent of a specific pest problem, employees doubtlessly do — and it makes them uncomfortable. Wondering how much does an exterminator cost for ants even as the tenacious creatures crawl throughout employee-only areas makes them begin to think that perhaps their boss’ focus isn’t on serving their customers or seeking excellence, and such a realization will undoubtedly lead to increased employee turnover.

Pests are a Constant Threat

When people ask how much is pest control service, we here at ArtClean know that they’re thinking of pest problems as momentary speed bumps (so to speak), short-term issue that will only cost them money. Consider this, though: Pests truly are a constant, year-long threat. Sure, some critters only make their present known during certain seasons, but there’s usually another irritant ready to take their place. Some pests can even become a more-or-less permanent presence in your property if allowed to establish themselves. Think about bed bugs. If you’ve ever had to deal with them, you know that bed bug pest control service seems like a bargain compared to their constant threat.

Monthly Service Can Help Avoid Repair Expenses

Just as pests can damage your property value, they can also saddle you with onerous repairs. Termite-damaged siding. Cabinets swollen with cockroach excrement. Demolished venting. The list goes on and on, and so can the repair bill if you ignore the problem. What’s worse is that many insurers will list pest damage as a maintenance expense and put the onus back on you. Don’t think that a one-time pest control service will solve the problem, either. Established pests require a professional presence.

It’s the Law: Meet Health Codes

For many businesses, eliminating pests isn’t just a matter of pleasing customers or retaining employees or improving the establishment’s reputation. It’s a matter of obeying the law. The government sets certain regulations for different kinds of businesses such as The Pesticides Act 1974. Failing to meet these stipulations can cause you to incur fines — or even a jail time

Rather than wondering is monthly pest control worth it or trying to manage a nasty problem on your own, call or contact AITO ArtClean Pest Control Service  at  014-334 0100. We have more than a century’s worth of experience in dealing with pests throughout the Klang Valley.



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