Different Types of Hazardous Waste Classes

Hazardous Waste Classes

Different Hazardous Waste Classes

Different Hazardous Waste Classes — If you’re a business operator or an organization executive, it’s likely that you’ll be required to store some hazardous goods in your place of business.

This may come in the form of a wide variety of hazardous materials, including drugs, medical supplies, chemical products, pesticides, lubricants, oils, thermometers, mercury, or any other items that can cause harm if not handled properly.

And although you may have the ability to dispose of these types of goods through a process called land disposal, it’s still best to know what kind of hazardous waste you own and how to safely handle them.

The following are some important tips for handling dangerous waste:

What kind of waste class as hazardous?

Although petroleum refining is one of the most significant users of water for hydraulic formation and other chemical processes, a lot of water-borne debris and sludge is produced during oil production.

Some of this sludge, called wastewater, is heavily diluted with water and may also contain heavy metals such as mercury.

If you don’t dispose of it in an efficient and safe way, this sludge can spread into other areas of your operation and contaminate drinking water, land, or the ground-water supply, to name a few.

And while there are numerous chemicals used in petroleum refining and related processes, many of these can also have the potential to pollute the environment in ways that water-borne and land-based contaminants can’t.

Hazardous Waste Classes

Acid is another common hazardous waste material. Because its chemical properties are similar to that of the acid, it can dissolve in water and on land.

And like many solvents, it produces waste when subjected to heat and pressure, which make it a problem if it is stored in tanks that aren’t frequently monitored or cleaned.

Fortunately, there are a variety of different hazardous drugs and wastes that can be classified as an acid.

When they do occur, it is important to remember that different acids have different hazardous waste effects.

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