Cleaning myths: Common Myths about Cleaning

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Common Myths about Cleaning

cleaning myths

Myths about cleaning

There are many myths about cleaning. Some of these myths are dangerous to people’s health, but some of them are not. Let’s take a look at some popular myths. Hopefully, by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll know how to avoid wasting your time or money on these “myths”.

The first myth is that using bleach to clean something is toxic. This is simply not true. In fact, there are very few things that are toxic and disinfectant free. Bleach is one of them!

Another common myth is that using disinfectants like chlorine bleach is a quick fix to disinfect surfaces clean. While disinfectants like chlorine bleach do indeed kill bacteria, they do so by neutralizing the “good” bacteria (the good kind) in your system. This makes it easier for other germs to grow, and so the process keeps repeating itself. In other words, while disinfecting surfaces clean, you are really just making bacteria stronger!

The third myth is that using products like sanitizing sprays and cleaners is a quick fix to cleaning. While this may work well when your job simply needs to be cleaned quickly (a tile cleaning), it can actually hurt your health. Sanitizing sprays and cleaners are primarily used to kill bacteria in the air, and for sanitizing surfaces. However, they do not remove dirt and germs from the surface of the material being cleaned.

A fourth common myth is that disinfecting your surfaces with sanitizing sprays and cleaners will make them less likely to attract disease. While sanitizing sprays and cleaners will kill the bacteria that live on your surfaces, they will also kill any healthy bacteria that may be living on your surfaces as well. It is important to note that this does not mean that any bacteria present on your surfaces are unsafe – they may just be unable to survive being in the presence of sanitizing agents.

These are just a few of the most common myths surrounding the topic of cleaning. Cleaning is an easy task that almost anyone can do. However, many people think that it takes more time and effort than it actually does. If you want to keep these myths about cleaning behind you, always remember that regular hand cleaning is more effective than machine cleaning.

The last myth about cleaning involves using bleach to clean your surfaces. The truth is that bleach is a dangerous substance that is known to leave a harmful residue on surfaces. Bleach will also leave a nasty chemical odour on surfaces. In addition, the bleach used to clean with could also be bleaching your surfaces more quickly than they would if you used water or vinegar. Bleach is best left on your surfaces for a few minutes before it is vacuumed off.

There are several other common myths about cleaning that you should look out for. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to clean up blood spills, try to blot out the blood instead of trying to clean it. You should not use any type of detergent when cleaning blood. If you find a stain, no matter how it happened, you should try to remove it as quickly as possible without using any type of cleaner. The longer that you leave a stain the harder it will be to remove.



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