Overhaul Cleaning

Overhaul cleaning include deep cleaning of all areas and furnitures such as deep clean kitchen cabinet, deep clean store room, re-arrange furnitures, clean up hidden area and many more. It involve thoroughly cleanliness of almost everything without leaving any dusts, dirts behind. From the most obvious areas to the tiniest, hidden, unspotted spaces, we will make sure everything is taken care of.


Complete Overhaul

With overhaul cleaning, we make sure that we never let any visible, unspotted areas left behind.


Experienced Workers

Our certified professionals have their best way to clean all the dirtiest and stubborn places.

Service Information

Service Price :

From RM880

Cleaning Hours :

8-12 Hours

Number of Cleaners :

Minimum 3 cleaners

Visiting Hours :

09.00am – 06.00pm