The Secret of Cleaning Your House


The biggest mistake people make is cleaning room by room (this is called “zone cleaning”). It’s much too slow! You can either clean your kitchen in four hours, or clean your entire house top to bottom in four hours. A lot of people get caught focusing on one area—say, doing a super job cleaning the counters—and never get to the stove, let alone the next room. In reality, just wiping things down and moving on is quick and efficient.

Look up top. “People don’t dust up on the very top of furniture, and that’s where all the dust collects and then falls off ”

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The recommended plan of attack? Top-to-bottom, left-to-right. Always start in the upstairs bathroom. It’s a good place to leave supplies.

For each task, start at the highest point in the room (if dusting, this might mean high shelves), and move from left to right across the room. This way, you don’t miss anything, and you won’t accidentally knock dust onto already-cleaned lower shelves.


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