Rust can be a nightmare, and this usually happens when there over moisture happens from the rain or snow. There is also other circumstance that causes the rust on the car, from being too old and not properly covered. Besides, harmful pollutants in the air can influence this to happen too.

  1. Ceramic coating

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Most auto shops would recommend their customers to use ceramic coating as it is effective alternative. It helps to attach the paint and will not fade down under certain conditions. Plus, our car has to be waxed overtime. Therefore, rusting can be prevented by using ceramic coating


  1. Wash your car

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Washing your car and ensure its cleanliness is compulsory to maintain the car’s exterior. Doing it once a week is effective to prevent dirt and unwanted stains in your car,


  1. Anti-rust spray Anti Rust Spray for Car Rust Remover

The best method if you catch your car accumulated by rust is to treat it right away before it spreads bigger. You won’t need to bring it to the shop at the early stage. Clean the area and let it dry. Then, when your car is dry from any moisture, continue to apply anti-rust spray. The spray is a good method as it can lasts for a year.


  1. Avoid salt

Salt is the biggest culprit to rust, especially when it is combined with liquid. The metal on your car is easily tear off with these both mixture: salt and water. Therefore, rusting can take place in winter. Most of the time during winter, the roads are covered in rock salt.

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