Sanitize and Disinfect

When you are looking for a one-off precautionary clean to sanitize your premises, we are here for you! Just give us a call and book an appointment with us to sanitize and disinfect your premises either from shoplots, offices, lawn, mosque and many more. We gladly help to wash away all the germs to make sure that safe, clean environment and surroundings are provided with our special cleaning products.


Special Products

By using our own best quality cleaning agents, the cleanliness of your environment is guaranteed.


Experienced Workers

Our certified professionals have their best way to clean all the dirtiest and stubborn places.

Service Information

Service Price :

From RM150

Cleaning Hours :

2-3 Hours

Number of Cleaners :

Minimum 2 Cleaners

Visiting Hours :

09.00am – 06.00pm