Kitchen Cleaning Service : Step by Step Keep A Spotless Kitchen

As the center of your home life and the place where both literal and figurative nourishment takes place, your kitchen is the heart of your home. In fact, even if you aren’t able to often achieve that idyllic state of whole-house cleanliness, kitchen cleaning service your kitchen goes a long way in making it feel like you have.

Kitchen Cleaning Service

Step by Step Kitchen Cleaning

Don’t Wait to Clean

The most efficient way to keep the kitchen clean is by cleaning along the way. That means cleaning up what you mess up right away.

Start with a clean kitchen and always keep a little compost bowl to throw away peelings and scraps. That keeps you from making a mess of the counters.

Wash the dishes you use to prepare the meal as it cooks. When dinner’s finished, wash the remaining few. Then, wipe down any areas (like countertops and tables) right away.

Little Baking Soda to the Mop Water

It gets the kitchen clean as well. Baking soda is a deodorizer. And, if you mix it with vinegar, you get a powerful acid-base reaction that cuts grease and grime.

Add a cup to your mop water to give it a boost. Use the mixture to scrub or mop the kitchen tile.

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Clean the Sink as Well Kitchen Cleaning

People don’t always clean their plates the correct way. So in turn, food gets dumped into the dishwater.

After you’ve washed the dishes, dump the sink stopper and clean the sink. Squeeze a little detergent into the empty sink, scrub it a bit, then rinse it with warm water.

Wipe Down Appliances Kitchen

The stove, coffee maker, and blender take in a lot of daily use. It’s important to clean them thoroughly to avoid unsanitary germs.

You can easily turn your coffee pot and blender into a mini dishwasher. Cycle the coffee pot through with hot water only. Then use the hot water in the carafe to pour all over any other detachable parts before washing them.

Taking the Trash out Daily

Don’t let trash sit in your pantry, garage, or wherever you store it overnight. Compost rots quickly and may draw unwanted pests and bugs.

As soon as you finish cleaning down the kitchen, take out the trash. Wipe down the outside of it to remove any food stains or streaks.

Clean Up Wall Splatters

Food splatters when you’re preparing meals and when you’re throwing food away. Don’t let it sit and harden.

Use a safe cleanser to wipe down the walls, removing food spots, cooking grease, and dust. Most of the time, a little warm water and dish liquid will do.

Don’t Forget the Fridge

It’s the rule of thumb to wash your hands before you go into the refrigerator. But not everyone obeys. Wipe down the handles, doors, and sides.

Then pull it out and clean behind it. Finish the job by cleaning out the inside. Throw away outdated foods and pull the shelves out for cleaning. Do the same for the freezer section.

Kitchen Cleaning Service Malaysia

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