How To Avoid Electrical Shock: 1O Ways To Avoid Electrical Shock


Electrical Shock rarely leads to death however knowing the ways to avoid electrical shock gives advantages to each person as it can cause bad injuries and complications to health.

Injuries due to electrical shock depens on electrical appliances that being used such as current voltage, current type, current flow via body, current measurement, body resistance towards current and body time exposure rowards current. 

Therefore, each individual may has difference cause of electrical shock because it depends on skin resistance towards current and also other factors that have been mentioned above before. 

Each individual needs to know the ways to avoid electrical shock as it impacts is so huge and can leads to death as it occurs. Most of the death cases of electrical shock nowadays are due to using the phone while charging. 


How To Avoid Electrical Shock

There are other electrical appliances that can cause electrical shock, not only the plug but also the charger may be its reason to occur. Here, we list 10 ways to avoid electrical shock from happening:

  1. Avoid from touching electrical appliances with wet hand. 
  2. Repair the damaged electrical appliances immediately. (Do not fix it yourselves if you are not skillful enough to do so)
  3. Avoid connecting too many electrical appliances in one socket.
  4. Do not hold the live wire by hand. 
  5. Immediately report any hazardous situations. 
  6. Switch off the power supply when not in use. 
  7. Avoid from using low quality of electrical appliances.
  8. Do not connect one socket to another socket. 
  9. Avoid playing in the electrical substation area. 
  10. Do not expose any electrical appliances to potentially harmful conditions such as steam, pressure, heat and wire bitten by a rat. 

” It is an unfortunate incident, if electrical shock happen, there is still hope that can be done to help the victim. ”


Ways to help the victim of electrical appliances

  1. Immediately turned off the main power supply BEFORE touch the victim.
  2. Pull the victim far away from the electrical sources or electrical appliances using insulating materials such as broom stick. 
  3. Lay down the victim to facilitate his/her breathing.
  4. Perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) if the victim is having difficulty in breathing.
  5. Immediately call the ambulans for further management.


  • Please use carbon dioxide fire extinguisher if the fire is caused by electrical current occurrence.


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