Good Lungs Healthy : Good Lungs Healthy Tips For People

The good lungs healthy are a pair of spongy, air-filled organs located on either side of our chests. It is the vital organ of the respiratory system. The failure of lungs can be detected by you coughing blood, breathing trouble and chest pain. These complications may lead to fatal.

In order to keep your lungs healthy, you need to follow a few tips that were suggested

Good Lungs Healthy

Good Lungs Healthy Tips


In a cigarette, there are a lot of harmful substances such as nicotine, tar the other chemicals. Nicotine is the main thing that makes you an addict.

An exhale of cigar smoke releases more than two harmful chemicals for example carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrogen cyanide.

These types of chemical substances not only harmful towards yourself but also to people around you because they will be second smokers.

In addition, smoking also the main cause of lung cancer, heart attack and early death.


In order to catch up on the modernization, many countries in the world are actively working high technology, skyscraper buildings and sophisticated devices.

However, this kind of activity is one of the many causes of air pollutants.

Because of that, we must avoid spending our day at a place that has high air pollution. Air pollution can cause damage to your lungs besides it also can lead you to an asthma attack.

Good Lungs Healthy Tips


There is no reason to keep your lungs healthy. As a responsible person, you must get a regular check up on your health. By this method, you can monitor the level of your healthiness.

Consult to your doctor if you spot any odd change to your lungs. Besides, always look at the foods you consume everyday as prevention is better than cure.


Do exercising at least 30 minutes, twice a week. The aim of exercising is to help your lungs healthy and stronger. The stronger your lungs, the lower risk for you to catch the disease.

You do not require to go to the gym to exercise because this activity can be performed at home. For instance, star jump, push up or plank. It will help you to save your money and time.

Putting in a nutshell, lungs are the main organ besides the heart.

Because of this, we must always check up the health of our lungs. Lungs are an important organ in the body and the damage cannot be repaired easily as it cost a lot of money and time to seek the donor.

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