Clear Face Without Acne : Tips To Get A Clear Face Without Acne

A clear face without acne is one of the most desirable things in our life. It matters neither female nor male, all of us wanted the clean skin without any small acne.

Clear Face Without Acne 1

However, with today’s condition, we are been exposed to the surrounding that is one of the main causes of acne. Besides, the type of foods taken also can cause acne.

Clear Face Without Acne

In order to have a clear face without acne, there are a few tips that are very useful and can be practiced everyday as a part of our skincare routine.


Clear Face Without Acne

Every single day, our skin produces oil on the skin’s surface. We must cleanse our skin daily in order to remove dead skin cells, impurities and extra oil.

You are highly recommended to wash your face by using warm water to remove the unwanted dirt easily. Avoid scrubbing your skin especially in the face area harshly because it can damage your skin.


The habit of touching your face should be stopped if you want to have a clear face without acne.

This is because there a lot of germs and bacteria on our hands. Since the skin on the face is very sensitive, the bacteria or germs can spread easily, and it is one of the causes aches.

Instead, you should use any tissues neither regular tissues nor oil-control tissues remove excessive face oil.


When you tend to do some activities such as exercising, use suitable clothing. Wearing suitable clothing is also important to avoid irritation.

For instance, for wearing tights, for having sensitive skin, the friction between clothes and skin may lead to irritation. This is one of the many causes of acne.


Please ensure you drink at least 8 glasses of plain water per day. Plain water is commonly known to keep your body hydrated.

Dehydration is not only causing the loss of stamina and strength, but it is also can lead to ache. Make sure to drink enough water to stay fit, healthy and surely you will get a clear face.

Clear Face Without Acne

Putting in a nutshell, the ache is a part of inflammation. Thus, to avoid it, people must practice a healthy living lifestyle. Avoid yourself from doing and eating the activities or foods that may lead to ache.

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